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All Surface Restoration is a full service natural stone & tile cleaning, restoration and polishing company serving New Hampshire & the Merrimack Valley region of Massachusetts.

How is Marble & other natural stone restored ?

Marble is the most common stone used for flooring. It is also used for vanities and countertops. When marble is mentioned it is also includes terrazzo, limestone, and travertine. These are calcium based stones and are cared for and restored using the same process and chemicals.
The restoration process will return your marble to its original condition, prolong its life and give you added enjoyment. All Surface Restoration provides high quality, personnel service and care in restoring marble to its natural beauty and shine.
We have been providing Stone restoration & marble polishing to NH & MA for eight years.
Marbles are a soft stone especially compared to granite. Normal use will start to dull marble in the traffic lanes and your floor may also have some noticeable scratches. When the traffic lanes wear and scratches can clearly be seen, it is time for a restoration.
The deep shine we see on polished stone is achieved by honing the stone with a series of abrasives pads starting with a coarse grit. This is followed by finer and finer grits until the stone becomes smooth, much like how wood floors are refinished. The difference is diamond abrasives are used rather than sand paper. The scratches left behind from one grit are removed by the next grit, creating a increasingly smoother surface. The shine on the stone is achieved by abrading the surface until it becomes extremely smooth. The smoother the stone the more reflective it becomes.

What is Marble Restoration ?

When natural stone becomes dull and scratched, it loses its shine and clarity. At this time the stone needs to be refinished to restore its original shine. The refinishing process is wet. This keeps the diamond tooling cool for better cutting and provides a dustless environment, which is important in peoples houses and for the safety of our technicains.

Natural Stone Finishing Options for NH & Merrimack Valley :

The refinishing process depends on what “look” you want to achieve.
A “honed” finish is a flat finish and will not be reflective. The stone will look “dull” but will be uniform. The advantage of a “honed” finish is that it will not show wear or scratches. For that reason the floor will last a long time between restorations and is considered a “very low” maintenance” floor. Because it is “honed” it is important to clean and seal the floor once a year to keep it clean. The stone itself may be very porous. That is the disadvantage of this type of floor finish and why it is recommended to seal the floor once a year with a penetrating enhancing sealer.
A “high honed” finish has a sheen to it but is not reflective except at low angles of view. It does not look dull but does not jump out at you either. It is considered a “low maintenace” floor and is uniform throughout. The floor will a last a long time between restorations.
A “polished” finish will be reflective at all angles high and low. A high polished floor will need to be processed through more grits so the floor will be more expensive to restore. The polishing step is the last and a special paste is used to attain the high polish. Most marbles that a highly polished will not accept a sealer because the surface is closed up and tight. A polished floor looks great but needs more maintenace to keep it looking good. A stone cleaner should be used to clean it. If only water is used streaking can be noticible.

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