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New Hampshire Grout Cleaning & Color Sealing

Ceramic tile floors are commonly found in kitchens today. They are resistant to a lot of common damages, such as staining and scratching. They also come in a variety of colors and shapes to provide a variety of innovative flooring options. 
Over time, the grout between the tiles may become dull, dirty or stained, which can make the whole floor look less attractive. For residents of New Hampshire, tile & grout restoration involves a professional deep cleaning of the tile & grout followed by sealing the grout with a colored sealer.
Color sealed grout will make your New Hampshire tile & grout restoration look great. 
The color of the grout will make a big impact on how the floor looks. Sealing the grout will make the floors look new and a bit different, as if you purchased a new floor.
Here are three reasons why residential customers in NH should consider coloring sealing your grout:
1) Color sealing the grout makes the grout look uniform. 
2) The grout lines will clean up easier when color sealed. The grout lines become smoother which releases dirt easier. This causes the floor to stay cleaner longer. The rough surface of the grout normally accummultates dirt, water & oils. 
3) There is a magical effect of colored grout on the tile. Because the grout lines intersect the tile all across the floor there is an optical effect that is hard to describe. It will look like the tile is different because of the interaction of colors between the tile and the grout. 
As long as the grout is not cracking or chipping, coloring it will help it look like new. If the grout is coming out, it is a indication that your floor is moving or flexing. Because the grout is not flexible it will crack. Once it cracks, it loosens. The floor ends up having areas of missing grout. We normally fix this by using a sand-acrylic caulk mixture. The caulk is flexible and the sand makes the mixture thick enough act like grout. When we quote the work we will look for cracked or missing grout. 

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