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Epoxy Flake Coating New Hampshire

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coatings serving New Hampshire & Massachusetts

All Surface Restoration is a full service epoxy coatings installation company serving New Hampshire & the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts . Our epoxy coatings service is used by both residential & commercial customers.
We work with our Customers to give them a coating appropriate to their needs that is within their budget. We are responsible to our customers to respond quickly to their questions, follow up on-site visits, and to assist in any way to keep their coating in great shape for as long as possible.

Commercial & Industrial Resinous Floor Coatings – Epoxy & Polyurethane

Our concrete floor coatings are durable, decorative and functional and are well suited for tough traffic. We offer solid color, color flake or colored quartz systems. We can give you the look you want for your facility, decorative and/or functional. We will work with you to get you the coating you need at a fair price. We offer high quality, high value concrete coatings flooring options. Our Epoxy pigments, colored vinyl flakes and colored quartz granules (Colored sand) can be combined to get you the color and texture you need. Our resinous concrete floor coatings are applied in all types of industries.
We offer a broad array of coating choices to tailor a system to your flooring needs and your budget. We are easy to work with and we are willing to work around your schedule and adapt to your environment.

Decorative Broadcast Flake or Quartz Coatings

For a decorative concrete coating a vinyl flake or colord quartz system is recommended. These coating systems have a more decorative look. Colored Quartz is a graded kiln dried sand which is coated with a pigmented ceramic coating. These three coat systems are decorative and tough. They are suitable for office buildings, retail locations, kennels, veterinarian hospitals and locations that need a seamless, non-absorbent, easily maintainable floor that looks good. The color of the floor is the color of the vinyl flakes or quartz which is broadcast into the base coat. A high solids clear polyaspartic top coat encapsulates the chips and fills the voids between the flake or quartz to provide a dense, tough matrix that will stand up to your floor traffic. An optional cove base can be installed if required for your application. The cove base is also epoxy and is usually extends 4″ up the wall all around the room. It makes the room a seamless catch basin or secondary containment system.

Economical Commercial Coating System

We offer New Hampshire & Merrimac Valley Commercial locations an economical epoxy coating system. When you have large areas and need a solution to concrete dusting, low lighting and hard to clean concrete floors our low cost option could be a good fit. This is a two coat system. The system starts with a epoxy primer and is followed by 100% solids pigmented epoxy. The fist coat is designed to penetrate deeply into the pores of the concrete to seal the concrete, eliminating the possibility of bubbles in the second coat. It also provides an ideal tie-in for the second coat. The second coat is a 100% solids pigmented epoxy which provides thickness and color. Depending on the exposure to sunlight this coating could amber with time, but will not affect its performance. White sand or Aluminum oxide is normally broadcast into the topcoat to provide grit which adds texture. This will also increase the abrasion resistance of the coating making it last longer.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Every concrete floor needs to be prepared correctly to bond to an epoxy coating. The concrete surface is prepared by diamond grinding the concrete. This removes a thin top layer of concrete. Concrete grinding exposes any cracks that may have been filled with dust. For a smoother floor the cracks are filled along with any divots. For a slab that is really bad shape we will recommend to “float” the floor with epoxy in order to fill the divots and holes. This helps smooth the floor out for the next coat. All edges are also diamond ground. The floor is closely examined for any left over cracks or divots. A flake floor will be recommended if the concrete is not in good shape. An epoxy flake coating is thicker and will fill in and hide imperfections much better than a solid color epoxy coating or even a colored quartz coating.