All Surface Restoration restores Concrete, Natural Stone and Ceramic Tile & grout installations.

We are Epoxy Coating installation contractors We specialize in protective epoxy and polyurethane coating installation for industry and residential garages. We serve customers in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

We also are experts in restoring marble & granite floors and counter tops. We have been restoring natural stone installations for over a ten years.

All Surface Restoration LLC

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 High performance Resinous Coatings

All Surface has been installing residential garage and commericial epoxy coatings for New Hampshire and Massachusetts customers for seven years. We have the experience to install coatings correctly the first time. Most of epoxy coating installations are either multiple coat solid color, double broadcast colored quartz (sand) with optional 4″ cove base up the wall or single broadcast epoxy flake. We have a system to meet your needs and budget. We travel through out New England. We can tailor the type of resin for you situation. We have access to a high quality array of coating resins produced by our supplier which include high solids, low solvent, low odor, water based, solvent based, fast cure, and slow cure. Why slow cure ? For top coats a slow cure resin will flow better and will not leave roller marks.

Concrete Surface Preparation

An important part of installing coatings is making sure the concrete is prepared correctly. Besides the normal diamond grinding to prepare the slab we also offer leveling and repair of concrete surface beyond the normal surface preparation activity.

Natural Stone Restoration, Tile & Grout Cleaning

We began our business as a ceramic tile & grout restoration company in 2007. In 2008 we added marble restoration and refinishing. We still provide that service today.  We restore ceramic & marble shower stalls, floors, vanities and counter tops for customers that are particular about how their homes look. Cleaning, grinding, honing, polishing and sealing natural stone & tile is much more than a home owner or cleaning service can do. This type of service requires the right chemicals,  equipment and experience. Our customers take great pride in how their home presents itself. We use tarps, walk-off mats, keep a constant eye on any mess we might make and leave your home spotless. 

Cleaning dirty grout

As much as you keep your floors spotless the grout will (over time) become discolored and non-uniform in appearance. Normal cleaning will not keep the grout clean. Grout is gritty and below surface of the tile. That means daily tracked in dirt, food etc.. will be captured by the grout. Because grout is not smooth it does not easily release what it has collected. We have been cleaning grout for a long time and know what works. We can even apply a colored sealer to make your grout lines easier to clean and keep clean.

Take A Moment

and look at our galleries. All the pictures are from work we have done. We don’t use other companies pictures. Know who you are hiring. Know if they can do what they advertise. We can provide references on request for any service we offer.


We are not the least expensive out there. If that is what you are looking for we will not be a good fit. All of our services involve a lot more work than people realize and you will see that if we are selected to execute your project. We have been doing this for a long time, we know what it takes to get the job done so that it will last a long time and looks great. 

Recent Work

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